Quality of Kazakhstan cars exported to Tajikistan was evaluated

Quality of Kazakhstan cars exported to Tajikistan was evaluated

Prime Ministers of Kazakhstan B. Sagintayev and Tajikistan K. Rasulzoda visited the territory of “Manege” Exhibition Center, where the samples of cars produced in Kazakhstan and exported to Tajikistan were examined in Dushanbe, under the work of the Council of the Heads of Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

The Heads of the governments examined the samples of motor-vehicles exported from Kazakhstan to Tajikistan with the support of “Baiterek” Holding's subsidiary organization - “Export Insurance Company “KazakhExport” JSC. The event was attended by the Chairman of the Management Board of “NMH “Baiterek” JSC Aidar Arifkhanov.

Kazakhstan cars assembled at “Saryarka AvtoProm” plant in Kostanay are confidently conquering the Tajik market. JAC S3 urban crossover utility vehicles of domestic assembly will form the fleet of taxis of Dushanbe, and Kazakhstan Hyundai County buses, produced in the Almaty region, were sent for the fleet of buses expanding.

“Allur” Group of Companies” (the production sites of “Saryarka AvtoProm” and “AgromashHolding” are included), with the support of KazakhExport, dispatched about 150 cars to Tajikistan.

Crossover utility vehicles are sent to replenish the municipal fleet of taxis of Dushanbe under the contract with “Holding Asia Group Tajikistan” CJSC. The deal is being implemented by “ESC “KazakhExport” JSC jointly with SB “Alfa-Bank” JSC under the scheme of export trade financing in the amount of more than $ 1 million USD.

Following the crossover utility vehicles, a batch of 300 buses manufactured at the production site of “Hyundai Trans Auto” LLP in Almaty region is exported for a total amount over 19 million USD.

Export trade financing allows the Kazakh automaker to export cars and get paid immediately after shipment, and the Tajik buyer to receive a deferment of payment in the form of cheap and long financing.

The contract for the supply of 1000 JAC cars for a total amount of 10.5 million USD was concluded by “Allur” Group of Companies” JSC and “Holding Asia Group Tajikistan” in spring of 2017. Representatives of the Tajik party noted the high off-road performance and price affordability of Kostanay crossover utility vehicles.

In turn, “Allur” Group of Companies” JSC emphasizes that the deal with the Tajik transport holding can significantly increase the export potential of the automotive industry in Kazakhstan.




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