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Pitch Day Baiterek 2023: Innovative Growth and Opportunities for Kazakhstani Startups

Pitch Day Baiterek 2023: Innovative Growth and Opportunities for Kazakhstani Startups

On May 4, 2023, Pitch Day Baiterek took place as a result of a joint initiative launched by the National Welfare Fund "Samruk-Kazyna" subsidiary "Baiterek" and the Astana Hub International IT Startup Technopark. The initiative aimed to find startup solutions that would improve business processes, enhance products and services, and improve customer service for the Holding and its subsidiaries.

A total of 70 applications were submitted by startup teams, out of which 10 projects were selected through a competitive screening process and made it to the final pitch session.

The event also featured a ceremony for the signing of a tripartite Memorandum of Understanding between the Corporate Fund Astana Hub International IT Startup Technopark, the subsidiary of Qazaqstan Investment Corporation, BGlobal Ventures, and the largest institute in Eurasia developing the digital economy of the region, Strategeast.

The memorandum solidifies the parties' further collaboration and interaction in creating a platform to support the venture investment market in Kazakhstan and the development of a competitive Kazakhstani startup community through acceleration programs and subsequent scaling of startups in the global market.

Chairman of the Board of the Baiterek Holding, Kanat Sharlapaev, expressed gratitude to the organizers of the event and the participants of the startup projects. He emphasized the Holding's active work on creating venture and startup infrastructure in Kazakhstan, making such initiatives important for the startup community and large companies. He also highlighted the role of innovation in creating competitive advantages, optimizing costs, and focusing on customers, inviting finalists to further mutually beneficial cooperation.

Pitch Day Baiterek was a significant event for the startup community of Kazakhstan, providing an opportunity for young and talented teams to demonstrate their innovative ideas to representatives of large companies and investors.

Finalist Teams: 

Python RPA - Automation of routine and repetitive back-office business processes (accounting and tax accounting, treasury, risk management, HR, procurement, IT) using RPA software bots (Robotic Process Automation). 

TrustContract - Blockchain technology for signing documents with an electronic digital signature. 

QZ lab - Multifunctional open platform for business applications: Asset Management, Repair Management, Accounting, Procurement, Warehouse, Personnel Management, Project Management, etc. 

FIS - Automation of processes for providing HR services. 

IDS Eurasia - Development of hardware and software complexes for remote monitoring of leasing items, remote acceptance and commissioning of leasing items. 

3Beep - Smart contact center that allows collecting and analyzing data. Includes video support for expanding and improving functionality. 

Kartoteka - Automation of corporate security and compliance business processes and implementation of a structured data repository in one place. 

A-business - Automation of business processes related to HR issues. 

SmartGeoHub - Collection and storage of any data, including geodata, through the automation of business processes within the company, as well as monitoring and control of the condition of the company's objects with publication on the map. 

Bot lab - Automation of the contact center, a voice bilingual robot. A system for speech synthesis and recognition.




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