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Baiterek Holding and Forebright Capital Asia Private Limited forge pact to establish investment fund


Minister of National Economy Alibek Kuantyrov convenes meetings with Turkish investors

Minister of National Economy Alibek Kuantyrov convenes meetings with Turkish investors

During a brief business trip to Istanbul, the Minister of National Economy engaged in discussions with key executives from prominent companies such as Koyuncu Group, Kayatürk, Turkven, and S Sistem. These meetings focused on vital investment projects and the enhancement of logistics infrastructure.


·         Koyuncu Group is renowned for its expertise in the chemical industry and solar energy

·         Kayatürk is a leading entity in the textile industry

·         Turkven is Turkey's largest venture fund.


Of particular interest was Turkven's proposal to establish a joint fund with Qazaqstan Investment Corporation aimed at financing Kazakhstani projects. To facilitate coordination, Galym Usen, Deputy Chairman of Baiterek Holding, participated in the discussions. These deliberations underscored significant potential for expanding economic collaboration. As of now, several projects are nearing completion, highlighting the efficacy of bilateral investment initiatives.


The Kazakh delegation also visited the distribution center of S Sistem, the largest logistics services operator in the region. Leveraging their experience is anticipated to enhance domestic infrastructure and bolster efforts toward integration into global logistics networks.

The Ministry of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Baiterek Holding are committed to advancing the non-resource sector of the economy and upgrading infrastructure to broaden the country's economic prospects.



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