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Baiterek Holding and Forebright Capital Asia Private Limited forge pact to establish investment fund


Kazyna Capital Management JSC has completed the rebranding process in Qazaqstan Investment Corporation JSC

Kazyna Capital Management JSC has completed the rebranding process in Qazaqstan Investment Corporation JSC

On January 10 2023, Kazyna Capital Management Joint Stock Company was re-registered to Qazaqstan Investment Corporation Joint stock Company.

Full and abbreviated name of the Company:

  • in the state language: «Qazaqstan Investment Corporation» акционерлік қоғамы, «QIC» АҚ;

  • in Russian: акционерное общество «Qazaqstan Investment Corporation», АО «QIC»;

  • in English: Qazaqstan Investment Corporation joint stock company, QIC JSC.

The sole shareholder of the Company remains JSC "National Managing Holding "Baiterek" with 100% ownership and use rights of the state-owned stake. The changes affected only the official name of the company as a legal entity.

Qazaqstan Investment Corporation remains a fund of direct investment funds with activities aimed at promoting the sustainable development of the national economy, forming private equity infrastructure in Kazakhstan and attracting foreign investment in priority sectors of the economy.

"It is worth noting that in 2022, the activities of Qazaqstan Investment Corporation significantly expanded due to the takeover of its subsidiaries – QazTech Ventures Joint Stock Companies and Kazakhstan Project Preparation Fund Joint Stock Company. Significant innovation in the Company's activities was expansion of the investment mandate through the participation of QIC in the segment of distressed assets and venture financing, as well as in the market of infrastructure assets and public-private partnerships".

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