KazAgroFinance introduces agricultural equipment leasing program with no upfront payment

KazAgroFinance introduces agricultural equipment leasing program with no upfront payment

KazAgroFinance JSC, a subsidiary of Baiterek Holding, introduces a new leasing program for farmers. They now can acquire agricultural and specialized equipment, as well as vehicles for transporting agricultural products, without an initial down payment.

"2023 posed challenges for our farmers. Unfavorable weather conditions led to poor-quality harvests, significantly reducing income from product sales. Many agricultural producers are grappling with financial strains, finding it hard to meet upfront lease payments. Consequently, we devised a new program offering equipment procurement without the burden of upfront costs," remarked Aidar Prashev, Chairman of the Board of KazAgroFinance.

Leasing terms encompass:

– Down payment: starting from 0%

– Remuneration rate: 22.75% (6% inclusive of subsidies)

– Lease term: up to 10 years

– Financing limit: up to 370 million tenge

The program covers equipment from both Kazakhstan and international manufacturers. It aims to bolster food security in Kazakhstan and sustain the agro-industrial complex's development. KazAgroFinance underscores its commitment as a dependable partner for Kazakhstani farmers, providing solutions to enhance productivity and fortify the nation's agricultural sector.

For comprehensive details on the new leasing program and financing terms, feel free to reach out to KazAgroFinance's regional branches.

For reference: KazAgroFinance JSC, a subsidiary of Agrarian Credit Corporation JSC, is a financial institution offering leasing services to agricultural producers for equipment procurement.

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