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How to be online served through Digital Baiterek portal

How to be online served through Digital Baiterek portal

   An article on the way the Kazakhstan and foreign investors can practically use the services provided by the digital platform of our Holding - Digital Baiterek portal was posted on a news website This is a unique electronic tool that allows our users to submit online applications for housing, innovative grants, business loans and subsidies obtaining not leaving home or office. Please find below the published material.


   The main digitalization tool of services provided by “Baiterek” Holding and its subsidiaries is Digital Baiterek portal. Thanks to this electronic platform, the company has already automated 21 services - it is more than 70 percent of the whole service provided by the Holding.

   The main idea of ​​Digital Baiterek is to provide an integrated approach of business support under the principle of “one-stop shop”, according to the President’s Message “New Development Opportunities under the Conditions of the Fourth Industrial Revolution”.

   Previously, entrepreneurs, depositors, investors, grant receivers, housing buyers applied to the company to get each service separately, and they had to go to a big city, but now thanks to the portal, these services became available to everyone, regardless of residence permit. All the information, all the necessary applications and documents can now be obtained and filed online, not leaving home or office.

   It is important to note that the site basis is the idea of ​​a synergistic effect. For example, at the end of the third quarter of this year, the portal will launch a new technology. The system will offer its customers the services corresponding to its business profile. These can be lending, leasing or investment services that will help entrepreneurs make the right management decision.

   One of the successful examples of Digital Baiterek using - “Baiterek Development” JSC has launched applications submit service for real estate properties purchase in EXPO residential complex (42 residential houses) since June 1, 2018. The procedure of applications execution is as follows.

First, a potential buyer should visit the portal, find section “Products and services” and select the option “Affordable housing” and then – “Purchasing of real estate properties in the MARC located on the territory of Expo”. Here, the user can push the button “Apply”.

Secondly, in the window that opens, you can choose a residential complex, apartment, number of rooms, layout and even a parking lot.

Thirdly, you should study the Rules for sale of real estate properties of “Baiterek Development” JSC in the multi-apartment residential complex located on the territory of EXPO-2017 in Astana and the Instruction on electronic applications filing system use. The portal will also request confirmation of the housing parameters chosen by the customer.

Fourthly, it is necessary to book the selected objects and within thirty minutes execute an application.

Fifthly, the portal will request a registration or authorization - this process will take only a few minutes.

Sixthly, after the registration, the customer is permitted to fill in an application and attach electronic copies of the required documents.

Seventhly, the application is sent for review, the reply is obtained as soon as possible, depending on the quality and availability of a complete list of documents submitted.




One another important service available on Digital Baiterek portal is provided for potential investors. You can find a portfolio of specific investment projects that have already being successfully invested in "Project Portfolio" section. The user is permitted to filter the desired project by region and industry. After that, a full list of production projects will appear in the section with a detailed description, in which domestic or foreign capital can be invested. Making a choice of a new investment project, the customer can use the option “Register as an investor” and submit an applicationon on the main page of the portal. Specialists will contact the potential investor immediately.

   Another successful example of service digitization is an application filling for innovative grants obtaining of the National Agency for Technological Development (a subsidiary of “Baiterek” Holding). Applicants select the “Innovative Grants” option and submit an application with a description of their own project in the section “Products and Services” of Digital Baiterek portal. After that, the specialists of NATD carry out a primary audit, as well as financial, economic, technological and legal expertise. Based on the results of this work, the commission makes a decision, and in the case of a positive response, a contract with a grant receiver is concluded. Throughout the implementation of the project, NATD performs its own monitoring on-line aimed at work efficiency increasing.

   In order to study the list of portal services, users can go to, and find a detailed algorithm of each service of the holding company and its portfolio companies.




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