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«Бәйтерек» холдингі шағын және орта бизнесті қолдау шаралары бойынша интернет-конференция өткізеді


Housing Construction Savings Bank opens branches in Nur-Sultan and Almaty

Housing Construction Savings Bank opens branches in Nur-Sultan and Almaty

Under the state of emergency, a subsidiary of the "Baiterek" holding, Housing Construction Savings Bank, is introducing new types of online services that can be obtained without leaving your home.


Starting April 20, 2020, through the Video Call service on the bank’s website, HСSB clients will be able to receive services such as opening a current account, changing details (identity card, phone number, address and the like), changing deposit conditions (term, amount), transferring funds from current account to your accounts with another Bank, dividing the deposit, terminating the deposit.


- We care about the safety of our customers, so more and more of our services are provided online in a secure manner. For example, through a video service, you can open a deposit and replenish it online through the HСSB24 mobile application, - explained the Chairman of the Board HСSB Lyazzat Ibragimova.


At the same time, we understand that not all of our customers have the opportunity to use the online services of the bank. Therefore, the two largest branches of Housing Construction Savings Bank in the cities. Nur-Sultan (from April 20, 2020) and Almaty (from April 27, 2020) will receive customers.


In the offices of Nur-Sultan (Koshkarbayev 26) and Almaty (Seifullina 498), the issuance of already approved loans for existing products and programs will be available. Operations that involve the participation of appraisers and notaries will be possible only if they work.


Since the quarantine regime is still maintained in these cities, to ensure the safety of citizens and preserve their health, it will be possible to get into the department only by appointment. This will help to avoid the accumulation of a large number of people in branches and maintain a safe distance. To ensure the issuance of loans, branch employees will make a call and record for a certain time, as agreed with the client.


- First of all, we are waiting for those customers who submitted loan applications prior to quarantine, received approval, concluded sales contracts and registered a pledge agreement. According to our data, in two cities, these are 35 bank customers. Already on Monday, April 20, as a matter of priority, we will help them bring their deals to the final., - explained Lyazzat Ibragimova.


In total over the past month, despite the current situation in the country, 1,546 new deposits were opened in the WSSB, including remotely by video call, and the bank issued 293 loans to its customers.


Meanwhile, we note that for those investors whose phone number has changed, an operation to change the details is provided. This is important for using Internet banking, because all operations are accompanied by a one-time password, which the bank sends by SMS notification. 


A current account is necessary for crediting funds to it when paying off a loan and other operations, money from a current account can be transferred to a client's account at any second-tier bank.


The “change of deposit conditions” service allows you to calculate the optimal deposit deposit, so that during the isolation period, customers can save based on their capabilities.


The division allows you to divide the amount of savings and withdraw only a portion of the funds, while maintaining important deposit parameters and the possibility of participating in bank programs in the future.

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