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Baiterek Holding approves 2023 annual financial statements


From affordable housing to innovations

From affordable housing to innovations

The national managing holding “Baiterek” has a wide range of activities. This is primarily due to its role as one of the key financial institutions of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the implementation of a number of strategic directions, including the provision of affordable housing for Kazakhstanis, the development of entrepreneurship and the support of domestic exporters


The main mission of “NMH “Baiterek” JSC is to contribute to the sustainable economic development of Kazakhstan. Eleven portfolio companies are the instruments for achieving the Holding's goals, the largest of which are: the Development Bank of Kazakhstan, Damu Entrepreneurship Development Fund, House Construction Savings Bank of Kazakhstan, the National Agency for Technological Development.

Among the priority tasks of the Holding, one can note the support of large, as well as small and medium business. Through the mechanisms of “Development Bank of Kazakhstan” JSC in 2017, the Holding financed large business enterprises in non-primary sectors for the amount of 422 billion KZT. In turn, the volume of loans issued to small and medium businesses over the same period through the Damu Entrepreneurship Development Fund amounted to 548 billion KZT.

Within the framework of assistance in the implementation of export potential, the total volume of goods export by enterprises that received support from the Holding through the Development Bank of Kazakhstan and KazakhExport amounted to 791 billion KZT in 2017.

In terms of ensuring financial affordability of housing through House Construction Savings Bank of Kazakhstan, the Holding participates in the construction of mortgage housing, provides preferential mortgage loans and subsidies for developers. Following the results of 2017, the bank became the leader in the mortgage market of Kazakhstan, issuing 76% of all mortgage loans in the country.

In the sphere of transfer and introduction of innovations, the volume of innovative products produced by enterprises that received support through the National Agency for Technological Development amounted to approx. 48 billion KZT during the last year.

The main directions of the Holding's activities and the specialization of portfolio companies are visually demonstrated in our infographic.


What are particular activities of “Baiterek” Holding?


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