Baiterek Holding Has Become the Winner at the “Green Office” National Contest

Baiterek Holding Has Become the Winner at the “Green Office” National Contest

“Baiterek” National Managing Holding” JSC has become the winner at the “Green Office” first national contest in the nomination “Among Public Authorities (Ministries, Akimats, Administrations and others) and Quasi-Public Sector”. The winners awarding ceremony took place on October 11 in “Rixos President Astana” Hotel.


The special “Green Office” pin and the winner’s diploma were awarded to the Chairman of the Board of “Baiterek” NMH” JSC Aidar Arifkhanov.




A “green office” is normally an office that uses natural resources economically and cares about the environment, employees are involved in the activities for ongoing improvement of working conditions, comfort, design and architecture, landscaping, quality of the living environment, opportunities for recreation and increase in labor productivity.




- “Baiterek” National Managing Holding”, the Chairman of the Board Arifkhanov Aidar Abdrazakhovich, was selected as one of the winners of the “Green Office” national contest in the nomination “Among Public Authorities and Quasi-Public Sector”. We, the contest organizers, are very grateful to the Holding’s management for participating in the contest and for presenting their respect for resources and for demonstrating the ‘green office’ standard in general, - the Chairman of the Board of the “Coalition for ‘Green Economy’ and G-Global Development” Association of Legal Entities, Saltanat Rakhimbekova, noted.


It is worth noting that the new business center of the Baiterek Holding Group was built given the technologies of respect for resources. The systems of operating, emergency and maintenance lighting have been envisaged. Luminescent light sources are used. Stained-glass facade glazing with insolation allows saving on electrical power consumption. Motion sensors have been also installed to save electric power in short-term visits locations.


The heating, air conditioning and cold supply regulation system allows setting individual parameters for the temperature regime, making workflow in the office more comfortable. Touchless faucets with motion sensors, which turn off water supply after the user leaves the premise, have been installed to save water consumption in the bathrooms of the business center. Used paper, as well as out-of-service office equipment is provided for recycling. Parking places for bicycles have been equipped near the business center, motivating employees to follow healthy lifestyles and reducing potential adverse environmental impacts when using motor vehicles.


In addition, at the initiative of employees, greening of offices and workplaces is being carried out. The Holding’s employees annually take an active part in citywide cleanups and city’s environmental campaigns.




It should be noted that the national contest has been held during the period from May 1 to September 20, 2019. The organizer was the “Coalition for ‘Green Economy’ and G-Global Development” Association of Legal Entities under the support of the Ministry of Ecology, Geology and Natural Resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the OSCE Program Office in Nur-Sultan.




The contest was held with the aim of “green” thinking formation among the public through promoting respect for office resources. According to its results, 62 applications were received in 10 nominations, among which the contest commission selected 19 winners.

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