A meeting of the strategic planning committee was held at the Baiterek holding


Baiterek Holding strengthens partnership with regions of Kazakhstan: Chairman Kanat Sharlapayev's visit to Ulytau region

Baiterek Holding strengthens partnership with regions of Kazakhstan: Chairman Kanat Sharlapayev's visit to Ulytau region
On August 2, 2023, during a working trip to the Ulytau region, Chairman of the Management Board of JSC "NUH "Baiterek" Kanat Sharlapayev met with Akim of the region Berik Abdygaliuly.

At the meeting, the parties discussed issues of financial support for the agricultural sector, small and medium-sized businesses, as well as the development of housing stock in the region.
Kanat Sharlapayev stressed that the holding is interested in financial support of the new region and constant interaction with the akimat. He also noted that the Ulytau region is a favorable region in all respects, having many opportunities for high–quality economic development.

On the same day, the grand opening of the regional branch of JSC "FRP "Damu" took place. The Chairman of the Holding noted that the systematic and constant support of domestic entrepreneurs is one of the priorities of the state.
The Damu Foundation plays a key role in the implementation of the state policy of supporting small and medium-sized businesses in Kazakhstan. In the first half of 2023, thanks to state programs implemented with the support of the Fund, more than 15.2 thousand projects of entrepreneurs were supported, with a total amount of loans of more than 813.2 billion tenge.

The regional branch in the Ulytau region will provide entrepreneurs with access to a variety of financial instruments, such as subsidizing interest rates on loans, guarantees and concessional financing. The opening of a new branch will ensure even greater development of mass entrepreneurship in the region and the creation of a multiplier effect in the economy.

After the grand opening of the regional branch of JSC "FRP "Damu", the management of the Holding took part in the opening of the regional branch of JSC "Agrarian Credit Corporation". The branch of JSC "Agrarian Credit Corporation" in the Ulytau region will provide access to financial support for agriculture, subsidizing interest rates on loans, which will allow farmers to develop their business and increase the level of agricultural production.
In addition, as part of a working trip, the head of the Holding visited several manufacturing enterprises. First, he got acquainted with the innovative manufacturing company "UTARIA ltd", which is one of the leaders in the field of light industry and produces more than 200 items of products. Then there was a visit to the Kengir solar power station, which is an example of the use of alternative energy sources.
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The Holding's visit to the Ulytau region highlighted the importance of developing regional projects and supporting various sectors of the economy. Baiterek continues to actively participate in strengthening partnership with the regions of Kazakhstan and contribute to the sustainable economic growth of the country.

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