Baiterek Holding’s Project Office encourages collaboration between real estate developers and artists

Baiterek Holding’s Project Office encourages collaboration between real estate developers and artists

Baiterek Holding’s Project Office for the Development of Creative Industries and akimat of Nur-Sultan organized an online conference on cooperation between the capital's real estate developers and artists.

We are building a lot, and we will build even more. In 2020, 15 million square meters of real estate were commissioned in Kazakhstan; in 2021 there will be 17 million square meters. We should think about how to use the potential of artists in the construction process, – stated Danat Zhumin, Head of the Project Office.

According to him, construction projects can become an excellent opportunity for artists to express themselves.

We strive to provide an opportunity for Kazakhstani artists to contribute to the design of the capital. The walls of houses, hospital wards, or classrooms do not have to be white or gray. We may decorate them with images that create a certain mood. In the courtyards and squares, we can build not only standard plastic playgrounds but objects of contemporary art. By ensuring cooperation between real estate developers and artists, we will not only make the capital look more beautiful, but also spur the development of urban creativity and the creative sector of the economy, – said Danat Zhumin.

During the conference, leading construction companies and the art community presented their proposals for the decoration of various buildings, streets and recreation areas. Elnar Bazyken (head of the Nur-Sultan Urban Center), BI Group and Orda Invest construction companies, representatives of TSE Art Destination and the Union of Artists spoke at the meeting.

The participants agreed to cooperate through the online platform, where construction companies will post information about the facilities available for artists to decorate. Construction companies will appoint managers responsible for interaction with art associations. In turn, creative unions will present their design projects for approval by developers.

The creative industries are made up of entrepreneurs who create jobs and added value by producing intellectual property products. The creative economy covers many spheres – from publishing to the movie industry.

The Project Office for the Development of Creative Industries was created in Baiterek Holding in March 2021. The Office acts as the Secretariat of the Working Group on the Development of the Creative Sector of the Economy under the Government of Kazakhstan. The Project Office includes representatives of government agencies, national companies, international and creative organizations, and creative entrepreneurs.

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