Baiterek Holding expands cooperation with Czech investors

Baiterek Holding expands cooperation with Czech investors

During the Kazakh-Czech business forum, Nurbolat Aidapkelov, the First Deputy Chairman of the Board of Baiterek Holding, emphasized the agricultural sector of Kazakhstan as an attractive investment opportunity for Czech investors.

At the Kazakh-Czech business forum, Nurbolat Aidapkelov, the First Deputy Chairman of the Board of Baiterek Holding, outlined the holding's significant role as the primary financial entity working closely with the Kazakhstan’s government. He emphasized the essential support it extends to priority sectors, with a particular focus on agriculture.

Aidapkelov reiterated to the forum participants that Kazakhstan's agro-industrial complex holds great investment potential, drawing interest from Czech investors. In his words, "The key factors contributing to the allure of Kazakhstan's agro-industrial sector for foreign investment are our abundant land resources and favorable geographical location."

He went on to outline the specific areas within the agro-industrial complex currently viewed as highly attractive for investment. These include poultry meat production, beef processing, cheese and cottage cheese production, sugar production, fish farming, intensive apple orchards, dairy farms, feedlots, reproducers, greenhouses, crop processing, and irrigation.

Highlighting a history of collaboration spanning over 15 years, Aidapkelov noted the ongoing interaction between Kazakhstani farmers and Czech companies, facilitated by Baiterek Holding.

Shifting the focus to Baiterek Holding's subsidiaries, Aidapkelov shed light on the Development Bank of Kazakhstan, which concentrates on supporting large projects within the manufacturing sectors, including the agro-industrial complex. The bank provides loans of up to $7 million with terms extending up to 20 years.

Nurbolat Aidapkelov also elaborated on the effective management of private equity funds through the Qazaqstan Investment Corporation. These funds collaborate with international institutional investors, providing financing to companies across various sectors, including agriculture.

The Agrarian Credit Corporation, another subsidiary, offers funding for sowing and harvesting work, investment projects, and financial institutions. It extends loans starting from $2,000, featuring preferential interest rates of 6%, including subsidies, for periods of up to 10 years, along with preferential repayment schedules of up to 36 months.

Furthermore, KazAgroFinance, occupying approximately 90% of the agricultural machinery and equipment leasing market in Kazakhstan, supports farmers by offering agricultural machinery and equipment on favorable lease terms.

"Since the inception of the Holding's subsidiaries, namely the Agrarian Credit Corporation and KazAgroFinance, we have actively supported the import of agricultural machinery, equipment, and cattle from the Czech Republic, totaling $17.3 million," Aidapkelov noted.

As of today, the subsidiaries of Baiterek Holding have amassed a loan portfolio of approximately $3.3 billion, benefiting over 90,000 agricultural producers, with an average loan size of $61,000.

In conclusion, Aidapkelov expressed the mutual interest of Kazakhstani and Czech companies in further developing bilateral trade and investment relations. He welcomed specific proposals for financing agricultural projects under existing lending programs.

It’s also worth noting that on October 3, 2023, Aidapkelov reported that since the beginning of the year, Baiterek Holding had financed more than 30 projects in the manufacturing industry.

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