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Baiterek Holding engages in the 40th Berlin Eurasian Club meeting


Baiterek Holding can be a reliable partner for Saudi business in Kazakhstan - Kanat Sharlapaev

Baiterek Holding can be a reliable partner for Saudi business in Kazakhstan - Kanat Sharlapaev
Chairman of the Management Board of NMH Baiterek JSC Kanat Sharlapaev presented the role of the Holding in Kazakhstani economy at the Saudi-Kazakhstan Investment Meeting held in Jeddah within President Tokayev’s official visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kazinform reports.

Welcoming the participants of the meeting, Kanat Sharlapaev expressed confidence that the first visit of President Tokayev to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will give a new impetus to the development of bilateral cooperation and will be an important step toward further strengthening of trade, economic and investment cooperation between Saudi Arabia and Kazakhstan.

Chairman Sharlapaev presented the Holding and highlighted its role in the Kazakhstani economy, pointing that Baiterek is the key development institution and the main financial agent of the Government of Kazakhstan that supports Kazakhstani economy in the key priority sectors.

According to him, the Holding’s total assets amount to $22 billion with the capital of $3,7 billion. Among the strategic directions of the Holding and its 8 portfolio companies are industrial and innovative development, promotion of exports of national products, development of small and medium-sized enterprises, agricultural industry and development of the housing and construction sector.

According to Sharlapaev, the Holding pays special attention to the green financing, to date Baiterek supported a number of green projects for more than $700 millions. Kanat Sharlapaev invited Saudi companies to implement joint projects on renewable energy sources with Baiterek Holding in Kazakhstan as Saudi Arabia has extensive experience and practice in it.


In conclusion, the Baiterek Holding Chairman emphasized that in the modern world of geopolitical uncertainty having a reliable partner is the key to the long-term sustainable success and the Holding can be that partner for Saudi companies that might be interested in doing business in Kazakhstan. Sharlapaev assured that the Holding will make every effort to strengthen trade, economic and investment cooperation between Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Kazakhstan.

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