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Aidar Arifkhanov Has Invited Dutch Businesses to the Berne Union Meetings in Nur-Sultan

Aidar Arifkhanov Has Invited Dutch Businesses to the Berne Union Meetings in Nur-Sultan

The Chairman of the Management Board of “Baiterek” National Managing Holding” JSC, Aidar Arifkhanov, has participated in the fifth Kazakh-Dutch Business Forum held on October 30 of this year in the city of The Hague as a part of the official visit of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Askar Mamin, to the Kingdom of the Netherlands.


The business forum has brought together top managers of the largest companies, including the Royal Dutch Shell oil and gas company, Farm Frites BV agricultural company, IKEA, Bitfury (included in the list of the Forbes Fintech 50), SUEZ GROUP (one of the largest utilities companies in Europe), Schneider Group global consulting company and others.


Speaking at the forum, Aidar Arifkhanov has introduced its participants to the activities of Baiterek Holding, which has 11 subsidiaries in its structure. They offer a wide range of tools to support entrepreneurs: ranging from the investment phase to supporting finished products exports; from interest rates subsidizing to loans guaranteeing, as well as assisting in the preparation of project documentation, design expertise and facilitating in finding a partner.


The Head of the Holding also dwelt in detail on the measures for foreign investment attraction to Kazakhstan.


- Baiterek Holding is actively involved in attracting foreign investment. Over the past three years, we have attracted foreign investment worth 3 billion US dollars, cooperating with the banks such as Deutsche Bank, Credit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank, China Development Bank, JP Morgan Chase and others. We are ready to establish close cooperation with Dutch companies for the projects both in Kazakhstan and abroad. We are also ready to provide support in their entry into our market, - Aydar Arifkhanov noted.


In addition, he invited the forum participants to the Berne Union Meetings, which will be held in the city of Nur-Sultan next year.


- Our subsidiary company, “KazakhExport” EIC” JSC is a member of the Berne Union and Aman Union, which are the associations of the world’s largest export credit agencies. In 2020, being a chairing party of the Berne Union, KazakhExport will host the Berne Union Meetings in Nur-Sultan. Therefore, we will be glad to see Dutch banks and development institutions of your country among the guests, - said the Head of Baiterek Holding.


In conclusion, the speaker mentioned that Baiterek Holding is interested in attracting long-term investments in infrastructure and industrial projects.


- We are pleased to greet Dutch companies in Kazakhstan and are ready to co-finance joint projects and initiatives. For instance, this morning, the Kazakhstani company of “K-Agro” and the Dutch “Farm Fries” have signed the Agreement for the establishment of an enterprise for agricultural products and their processing in Kazakhstan. The Holding is ready to consider the possibility of securing the financing for this project through its subsidiaries, the “Development Bank of Kazakhstan” JSC and “DBK-Leasing” JSC, - he summarized.


It should be noted that the Netherlands is the number one investor in terms of investments in the economy of Kazakhstan and one of the leading trade partners of Kazakhstan in the EU. According to the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the gross inflow of direct investment from the Netherlands to Kazakhstan during 2005 to 2018 has amounted to more than 85 billion US dollars, and, over the first half of 2019, this figure has amounted to 3.4 billion US dollars.




“Baiterek” National Managing Holding” JSC was established in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated May 22, 2013. The key institution of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan that complies with the advanced standards of corporate governance and ensures the implementation of the objectives for the sustainable development of the economy of Kazakhstan through its diversification, support for innovation, export development, increase in labor productivity. The Holding includes: Development Bank of Kazakhstan JSC, Investment Fund of Kazakhstan JSC, Zhilstroisberbank of Kazakhstan (HCSBK) JSC, Kazakhstan Mortgage Company MO JSC, KazakhExport EIC JSC, Damu EDF JSC, QazTech Ventures JSC, Housing Construction Guarantee Fund JSC, Kazyna Capital Management JSC, Baiterek Development JSC, Kazakhstan Project Preparation Fund LLP.


The Berne Union is the official name for The International Union of Credit and Investment Insurers. It is an unofficial association of insurance companies, organizations engaged in export credit and investment insurance. It was established in 1934 in Berne, Switzerland. According to its charter, only the insurance organizations that are directly involved in export credit insurance can be members of the union. Currently, the union includes about 50 organizations from different countries.

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