Aidar Arifkhanov Has Handed Over the Keys to New Apartments to the Residents of Pavlodar

Aidar Arifkhanov Has Handed Over the Keys to New Apartments to the Residents of Pavlodar

In Pavlodar, 122 depositors of Zhilstroisberbank of Kazakhstan (a subsidiary of Baiterek NMH JSC) have received the keys to the apartments. On the eve of the Day of the Capital, Aidar Arifkhanov, the Chairman of the Board at “Baiterek” National Managing Holding JSC, and Bulat Bakauov, Akim of Pavlodar Oblast, have congratulated them on their new homes.


- Our Baiterek Holding is the key institution of the Government for the implementation of “Nurly Zher” Housing Program. We are able to provide affordable housing to our citizens through our subsidiaries: Baiterek Development and Zhilstroisberbank. Currently, almost one and a half million citizens of Kazakhstan are depositors of Zhilstroisberbank. The bank annually allocates about 400 billion tenge for concessional loans for citizens. Therefore, it is a great honor for me to be with you today and to congratulate you on such a significant day! - said Aidar Arifkhanov at the solemn ceremony of handing over the keys to the apartments.




Two nine-storey residential houses for depositors of ZhSSB were built in the center of the city along General Dyussenov Street. The price of one square meter of housing is 165 000 tenge.




It should be noted that Zhilstroisberbank provides the Kazakhstanis with most affordable loans to purchase houses or apartments. Since the beginning of the year, the bank has already helped to celebrate the housewarming parties for more than 23 000 Kazakhstani families. There were also 122 new tenants in Pavlodar, who have received the keys to the apartments today within Zhilstroisberbank’s “My Own House” program. It allows purchasing accommodation at prices below market ones. Everyone is eligible to participate in the program without exception, while it is enough to have a minimum initial contribution of 20%. The loans are provided at the rate of 7% per annum with a further reduction of the rate to 5%.


All the apartments for the newcomers are provided in a fine finish and have a comfortable layout, stretch ceilings, spacious glazed balconies, and high-quality sanitary ware. Due to the accessibility and location of new residential buildings, there were 5 to 10 depositors of the bank applied per one apartment. The pool of buyers included those who was saving up longer. Tanat Akhmetzhanov was among them. Over 4 years he has saved up half of the cost of a three-room apartment together with his wife; he received a housing loan at the rate of 5% per annum for the outstanding amount from the ZhSSB.




- Previously, my family and I lived with relatives. Dreaming about our own accommodation, we had a strict plan for buying our own apartment. We followed it straightly and today we are celebrating a housewarming party. My sons will now have their own room; my spouse is now busy arranging the apartment. And, I am glad that being the head of the family I was able to provide the family with housing. We will repay the loan within 7 years, the monthly payment will be about 70 thousand tenge, - Tanat Akhmetzhanov shares.


In total, 1 355 depositors of Zhilstroisberbank have acquired their own accommodation in Pavlodar Oblast since the beginning of the year; another 7 000 residents of the region have opened accounts this year to celebrate their housewarming parties in the nearest future.


The title photo has been provided by the Press Service of Pavlodar Oblast Akim

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