The Holding paid the sixth coupon reward on its bonds (KZ2C00007052, BTRKb4)


On conclusion of a self-dealing transaction

On conclusion of a self-dealing transaction

On 15 July 2014, the Holding concluded a loan agreement with the subsidiary Baiterek Development JSC on the following principal terms:
1. Loan amount is 23,000,000,000 (twenty-three) billion tenge;
2. Loan period is 20 years to 7 July 2034;
3. Interest rate: 0.15 % (zero point fifteen percent) per annum.
 4. Loan currency is tenge;
 5. Purpose of the loan: finance to Lux Nedvizhimost Group LLP and BI Group Corporation LLP for construction of real estate items and Mega Plaza LLP for construction of shopping and entertainment center  inside the territory of EXPO-2017 International specialized exhibition in Astana;
6. Payment of principal debt – at the end of the loan period, with the right of advanced repayment on borrower’s initiative from 2020; 
7. Payment of remuneration. Period of the first payment is 7 July 2015, the following payments: annually from the date of the first payment. 
8. Security  – no;
9. Date of decision on agreement conclusion: 30 June 2014 (Abstract from the Decision of the meeting in absentia of the Holding’s Board of Directors No.05/14, issues No. 1 and No.2).

Project documentation

KKPF develops bank documentation of pre-project work (business plans, feasibility studies, PPP project concepts, etc.) with the participation of accredited specialized fixed-payment companies.

Project documentation + investor search

KKPF will develop the project documentation, as in the basic package, but will also organize the financing of the project and provide support for the transaction on the basis of a reward for success

Project documentation + sources of financing for investors + financing of documentation

All our other services, as well as the financing of documentation and consulting services for pre-project work, are also offered on a remuneration basis.

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