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«Бәйтерек» холдингі шағын және орта бизнесті қолдау шаралары бойынша интернет-конференция өткізеді


Kanat Sharlapayev speaks about investment cooperation during forum in London

Kanat Sharlapayev speaks about investment cooperation during forum in London
Today, the London Stock Exchange hosted the 5th Kazakhstan Global Investment Forum. Kanat Sharlapayev, Chairman of the Board of Baiterek Holding, spoke about the investment projects being implemented in Kazakhstan.

 In his speech, Kanat Sharlapayev highlighted the Holding's financial support instruments, opportunities for investment cooperation, and measures taken to make Kazakhstan more attractive to international investors.

 – Baiterek Holding, being Kazakhstan’s flagship financial development institution, funds industrial and infrastructure projects and innovative companies. In 2021, the Holding issued 46.7% of all long-term loans to enterprises working in non-primary sectors of the economy, such as the manufacturing industry and industrial infrastructure, – said the Head of the Holding.

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Kanat Sharlapayev also spoke about the projects that contribute to the economic development of Kazakhstan. These projects are financed by Baiterek Holding and its subsidiaries. He also emphasized the importance of expanding mutually beneficial cooperation with other countries.

– Kazakhstan is willing to enhance cooperation with the international business community, – he said.

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It should be noted that the Forum was attended by British businessmen, international investors, and representatives of major financial organizations.

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