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KamaTyresKZ launches first car tire plant in Kazakhstan

KamaTyresKZ launches first car tire plant in Kazakhstan
The joint venture of Allur and Tatneft has been launched in the town of Saran, Karaganda Region. The launch ceremony was attended by Roman Sklyar (First Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan), Rustam Minnikhanov (President of the Republic of Tatarstan), Nayil Maganov (CEO of Tatneft), Andrey Lavrentyev (Chairman of the Board of Allur), and Yermaganbet Bulekpaev (Akim of Karaganda Region).

The new plant was built in 16 months – in record time for this kind of facility. The project was funded with more than 171 billion tenge. The plant is able to produce 3.5 million multi-purpose tires annually, employing more than 1,100 specialists. Kazakhstani engineers were trained at tire enterprises in Nizhnekamsk, Russia.

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– This plant will contribute both to the progress of our industry and to the development of single-industry towns. Over a thousand residents of Saran will be employed in this production. It should be noted that this is the first car tire plant in Kazakhstan. It will cover the needs of both the automotive industry and car enthusiasts, – said Roman Sklyar.

KamaTyresKZ will help localize automotive production in Kazakhstan. The products will be used by automotive assembly plants, sold at the secondary market, and exported. As stated above, this is Kazakhstan's first and only car tire plant. The country used to import all car tires.

The plant will reach its design capacity in 2024. Later, the plant is expected to manufacture rubber products and even tires for agricultural machinery.

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– The project has entered its first stage, and it’s been successful so far. We are planning to launch a plant for engineering products and oversized tires. All this became possible thanks to the unique investment climate of Kazakhstan and the support of President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, – said Rustam Minnikhanov.

The Saran plant is equipped with 26 units of specialized hardware and 528 units of auxiliary equipment made by leading industry manufacturers.

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The plant’s unique technologies and equipment are highly automated, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly. The plant can perform all technological processes: compounding and mixing, tire building, vulcanization, and quality control.

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During the launch ceremony, top managers of Allur and Tatneft presented certificates of honor to the specialists for their contribution to the project implementation.

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– I would like to thank the entire project team from Kazakhstan and Tatarstan – builders, installers, commissioners, and operation specialists. We have achieved this success together, – stated Nail Maganov.

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