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Independent Director of the Development Bank of Kazakhstan JSC

Development Bank of Kazakhstan JSC is looking for an Independent Director

Baiterek Holding announces a vacancy for Independent Director of the Development Bank of Kazakhstan Joint-Stock Company (hereinafter – the Company).

Position: Independent Director

Structural unit: Board of Directors of the Development Bank of Kazakhstan Joint-Stock Company

General requirements:

1. A candidate must:

1.1. Meet the requirements for an independent director under the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Joint Stock Companies.”

1.2. Know about key issues specific to organizations similar to the Company; have international experience in a similar industry and professional experience of at least 2 years; demonstrate understanding of:

1) legal requirements to the Company;

2) competitive environment in the national and international markets.

1.3. Be able to analyze and evaluate the information provided. Be able to form an opinion on an issue based on the principles of legality, fairness, and equal treatment of all shareholders. Have the ability to express his/her own opinion and reasonably defend his/her point of view.

1.4. Know the principles of corporate governance and sustainable development.

1.5. Have an impeccable reputation/positive track record in the business and/or industry. There must be no facts of committing an economic crime or administrative offenses in business.

1.6. Have enough time to attend meetings of the Board of Directors; thoroughly study the information needed to participate in the Board of Directors’ meetings.

1.7. Not be a member of more than 3 (three) boards of directors of other companies.

1.8. Confirm his/her independence annually and inform the Company in case of losing the status of an independent director.

People who will not be considered:

1) employees or heads of executive bodies, members of management bodies, or employees of legal entities competing with the Company;

2) those who have previously committed a corruption crime;

3) offenders with pending or unserved sentences;

4) ex-chairmen of boards of directors, ex-directors of executive bodies, ex-deputy first heads, ex-chief accountants of legal entities, who have held the position not more than one year before the compulsory liquidation, compulsory redemption of shares, or bankruptcy under the established procedure. This requirement applies for five years after the date of the compulsory liquidation, compulsory redemption of shares, or bankruptcy under the established procedure.

5) members of boards of directors of four or more other companies.

Special Requirements:

1. Special requirements for candidates for the position of Independent Director of subsidiaries-financial institutions.

Candidates for the position of Independent Director of the Company (financial institution) must comply to requirements of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

2. Special requirements for candidates for the position of Independent Director – a specialist in finance, audit, and control.

Bachelor’s degree in Economics and (or) Finance, additional education/professional certification in Financial Management/Financial Analysis/Accounting/Taxation/Audit/Risk Management.

Minimum 7 years of relevant work experience.

Minimum 3 years of work experience in governing bodies or executive bodies of financial organizations/holdings/government bodies/international financial organizations. Work experience in the regulation of financial services.

Work experience in governing bodies/executive bodies/as a head or a partner in financial audit organizations/compliance management services.

3. Special requirements for candidates for the position of Independent Director an investment management specialist.

Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Corporate Finance, Investment, Investment Management, or Investment Analysis. Additional education/professional certification in Accounting/Risk management/Finance.

A candidate must know about evaluating the effectiveness of investment projects, principles of securities portfolio management, methods of evaluating investments, financial accounting, and reporting standards.

Minimum 7 years of work experience in investment activity.

Minimum 3 years of work experience in management bodies/executive bodies/in managerial positions (positions that coordinate structural units and give the right to sign financial documents) in financial organizations/holdings/government bodies/international development banks/international financial or insurance companies/international or Kazakhstani investment companies. Experience in bringing companies with an annual turnover of at least 20 million US dollars to the stock market.

Required certifications:

“Certified Director” professional certification

Personal and business competencies required to perform duties:

1. Work motivation (willingness to contribute and volunteer)

2. Professional competence in the field of the Company's activities

3. Key competencies: ethicality, teamwork skills, responsibility, strategic vision, active participation

Working conditions:

Form of employment: contract

Documents are accepted via email until July 25, 2022. A candidate must provide the following documents:

1) application according to the attached form

2) a copy of ID;

3) personal information according to the attached form.

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