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Chief Manager of the Information Technology Department for the period of absence of the main employee

JSC "NMH" Baiterek" announces the search for a candidate for the vacant position of the chief manager of the Department of Information Technologies of JSC NMH" Baiterek "for the period of absence of the main employee.
Position, structural unit: Chief Manager of the Information Technology Department for the period of absence of the main employee.
Responsibilities: Within the framework of the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Holding's internal regulations in the field of Information Technology, is responsible for assisting the Holding in achieving strategic goals using modern information technologies
 Qualification requirements for a vacant position (from the job description): Higher education in the field of information / telecommunication technologies or economics.
Requirements for work experience: At least 5 years in the professional field or in areas corresponding to the functional areas of the position.
Knowledge required for the performance of official duties:
• Knowledge of the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On joint stock companies", "On the fight against corruption" "On national managing holdings", "On informatization";
• Knowledge of the state language of the Republic of Kazakhstan and English;
• Internal regulatory documents of the Holding, incl. Rules for Procurement of Goods, Works and Services, Code of Corporate Ethics, Information Disclosure Policy, IT Security Rules, Occupational Health and Safety Standards, etc .;
• Knowledge of the basics of analysis, evaluation and structuring of investment projects;
• Knowledge of the main directions of industrial and innovative development of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
• Knowledge of the organization of business processes
Skills required for the performance of duties:
Project management skills;
Skills in the development of regulatory documents;
Experience in participating in procurement procedures, budgeting
Business correspondence and negotiation skills
Presentation and Business Communication Skills
Personal and business competencies required for the performance of duties:
Communication and leadership
Analytical thinking and decision making
Impact on work processes
Work organization
Ability to change
Responsibility for the result
Working conditions:
Working hours: full time, 5/2
Employment form: employment contract
Social package: medical insurance
Location: Nur-Sultan, 55A Mәңgilik El avenue, block B

CVs of candidates wishing to take part in the competition are accepted by email: until 27.12.2021.
In the subject line, please indicate "Chief manager of DIT"

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