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Chief Auditor of the Internal Audit Service of Kazakhstan Housing Company JSC



Chief Auditor

Structural unit   

The Internal Audit Service



1. to participate in the work of the Internal Audit Service (hereinafter –IAS) and perform the assigned tasks and functions in accordance with the Regulations on the IAS;

2. to participate in the development and updating of the Company’s internal documents regarding internal audit issues;

3. to apply basic principles and procedures of internal audit approved (recommended) by the Company’s Board of Directors;

4. to comply with the mission and basic principles of internal audit;

5. to maintain secrecy and confidentiality;

6. to submit proposals to the Director on how to manage risks that may arise during the work of the IAS;

7. to plan the IAS activities in accordance with the established procedure for conducting internal audit and participate in the implementation of the annual audit plan;

8. to develop audit assignments and programs;

9. to participate in the implementation of planned and unscheduled internal audit of structural divisions and/or business processes of the Company and its subsidiaries in accordance with the established procedure for conducting internal audit and the Regulation on the IAS;

10. to analyze the information in order to prepare a report on the results of internal audit;

11. to analyze the information about dubious transactions and losses caused to the Company as a result of theft and malversation;

12. to ensure proper documentation of audit findings; draw up conclusions based on the results of audits, reflecting all facts and deficiencies identified during the audit; come up with sound recommendations;

13. to assess the effectiveness of internal control system, risk management, and corporate governance in all aspects of the Company's activities;

14. to consider external auditors’ draft reports on the audit of the Company’s financial statements;

15. to monitor the implementation of recommendations given to the Company based on the results of internal and external audits, and inspections by other supervisory bodies;

16. to prepare information for submission to the Internal Audit Committee and the Board of Directors;

17. to timely prepare and submit the employees’ performance indicators to the Director;

18. to consult on internal audit issues; improve the processes of corporate governance, risk management, and internal control. The IAS cannot be taken accountable for management decisions made on the basis of the provided consulting services;

19. to participate in official investigations, conducting special inspections in the manner prescribed by the Regulation on the IAS;

20. to improve one’s professional level and qualifications in order to effectively perform one’s duties (by studying international experience in internal audit and risk management; reading legislative, regulatory, and analytical documents; familiarizing oneself with changes in international financial reporting standards); make appropriate proposals to amend the internal procedures and documents of the Company;

21. to develop and participate in the approval of internal methodological documents; to implement them in the activities of the IAS;

22. to develop questionnaires, audit tests, and internal regulatory documents describing the activities of the IAS;

      23. to perform other duties on behalf of the Director in accordance with the labor contract.

Contact person   

Ayagoz Adilbekova, Chief Specialist of the HR Department of the Kazakhstan Housing Company


1. Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Auditing/Finance/Economics/Information Technology/Information Security/Law;

2. minimum 3 years of work experience in Audit/Accounting/Finance/Information Technology/Information Security/Audit of Information Technology/Audit of Information Security/Law;

3. to know the mission and basic principles of internal audit, international financial reporting standards, fundamentals of corporate governance, risk management, and internal control, international COBIT standards (Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology)/ISO/IEC (Information Security Management Systems);

4. to know the regulatory legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on auditing, joint stock companies, accounting, and taxation;

5. a certificate and/or qualification in Audit/Accounting and Financial Management/ IT / Information Security;

6. fluency in Kazakh and English (it will be an advantage);

People who will not be considered:

1. those who held leadership positions in the Company and/or its subsidiaries within the last three years;

2. offenders with pending or unserved sentences for economic crimes, corruption, and other crimes against the interests of public service or public administration, crimes against the foundations of the constitutional order and state security. 

Working conditions:

  • Working hours: full time, 5/2
  • Employment form: individual labor contract
  • Benefits: medical insurance
  • Location: 55A Mangilik El Ave., block B, Nur-Sultan

CVs are accepted by email: until December 28, 2021

Please, be sure to write “Chief Auditor of the IAS” as a subject of your letter

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