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Chief Internal Auditor of the Internal Audit Service

Job information:
Name of the vacant position: Chief Internal Auditor
Name of the structural unit: Internal Audit Service
The contact person on the application and his position: General Manager, Human Resources
management department-Sabyrzhan Zhanerke
Purpose / reason for the vacancy:
- in connection with the planned transfer of the employee

Qualification requirements for a vacant position:
1) accounting and audit and (or)finance and/or economics and (or)
higher education in the field of Information Technology/Information Security and (or) law
2) MOPPVA, International Financial Reporting Standards, corporate governance,
fundamentals of risk management and internal control and / or COBIT (Control objects for
Information and related Technology)/ISO /IEC (Information security management systems) it / JSC
knowledge of international management standards;
3) regulatory legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan, including audit activities,
Knowledge of joint-stock companies, accounting and taxation.

Skills required to perform tasks:
- analysis, systematization, structuring of large amounts of data;
- understand the processes of risk management, internal control, audit;
- negotiation and business communication skills;
- ability to make strategic and operational decisions;
- knowledge of the state language and English (preferably).
Personal-business competencies necessary for the performance of duties:
- Economical management
- Honesty
- Result orientation
- Innovation

Work experience requirements:
- audit and (or) control and (or) accounting and (or) finance and
(or) Information Technology/Information Security or information technology
work experience in the field of audit, information security and (or) law-at least 3
(three) years;
- Internal Audit, Risk Management and / or accounting and financial management
and / or it / JSC or at least a professional in the field of IAP (Internal Audit Practitioner
it is desirable to have a certificate and/or qualifications.

Working Conditions:
- Working hours: full-time, 5/2;
- Form of employment: employment contract;
- Location: Astana, Mangilik El Avenue 55A, Baiterek Bo.
Resumes of applicants wishing to participate in the competition (according to the form) dated 03.07.2023
to the following e-mail is accepted:

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