New petrochemical plant will be built in Shymkent

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Development Bank of Kazakhstan

Development Bank of Kazakhstan

Development Bank of Kazakhstan offers long-term credit to manufacturing and infrastructure investment projects and export operations that have significant positive socioeconomic impact.



Banks Mission

Facilitation for the sustainable development of the national economy through investments to the country’s non-resource-based sector.



  • improvement and increase in the efficiency of public investment activities;
  • development of production-based infrastructure and manufacturing industry;
  • facilitation for attracting foreign and domestic investments in the country's economy.



Joint Stock Company DBK-Leasing is a subsidiary of «Development Bank of Kazakhstan» JSC and is part of the structure of the JSC «National Managing Holding Company «Baiterek». "DBK-Leasing" JSC was established on September 6, 2005 in order to expand the instruments of financing investment projects provided by Development Bank of Kazakhstan JSC.


The purpose of establishing "DBK-Leasing" JSC is to implement, improve and enhance the efficiency of the state investment policy through leasing, development of manufacturing industry, production infrastructure, as well as assistance in attracting external and internal investments into the economy of Kazakhstan.


The mission of the Companyis to assistance in modernization and updating of fixed assets of enterprises in the sectors of industry and infrastructure


"DBK-Leasing" JSC as an instrument of effective investment policy is a conductor of the Unified Business Support and Development Program «Business Road Map 2020», «the program for supporting domestic car manufacturers» and finances both priority sectors and commercial projects. "DBK-Leasing" is focused on investing in high-tech and long-term projects. The company has experience in working with large investment and infrastructure projects on various financing instruments.

"Kazyna Capital Management" JSC

"Kazyna Capital Management" JSC

"Kazyna Capital Management" JSC is a fund of private equity funds established in 2007 to promote: the sustainable development of the national economy; establishment of private equity infrastructure in Kazakhstan; attraction of foreign investments into priority sectors of the economy; efficient management of governmental assets; application of the leading/best international practices; and, transfer of innovative knowledge and technology into private equity sector.


"Kazyna Capital Management" JSC jointly with international institutional investors effectively manages the private equity funds. Funds in "KCM’s" JSC portfolio provide capital to companies in various sectors of the economy for further growth and competitiveness enhancement. "KCM" is one of the Companies owned by "Baiterek" National Management Holding" JSC.