Investment Opportunities


A reliable partner for foreign and local investors

Baiterek Holding is a reliable partner for investors in the Kazakhstan economy whose success is possible only in presence of favourable, open market conditions. Therefore, Baiterek's key activity is to build mutually beneficial relations with international financial organisations, banks, investment funds and international companies.


Investment, aligned to a country's mission

Baiterek enables investors to comfortably conduct business in Kazakhstan, financing priority sectors of the economy and specific projects. As a unique, integrated development institution, Baiterek can offer a wide range of options to potential investors ready to work in Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan's growth potential is due to its natural resources, macroeconomic situation, infrastructure, education levels, political situation and proximity to the leaders of the Eurasian economy.

Investor documentation

The Holding’s Corporate Governance Code
Decree No. 482 of the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructural Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated July 5, 2019
Amendments to the Holding's Charter dated 14.07.2017
Amendments to the Holding's Charter dated 28.02.2018
Amendments to the Holding's Charter dated 26.06.2019
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Investor protection

The favorable legal environment for Kazakh investments abroad and foreign investments in Kazakhstan are guaranteed by International Convention and various multi and bilateral agreements. Its Entrepreneurial Code provides safeguards that minimize risks to investment activities. The Republic of Kazakhstan's laws enshrine state support for investors by ensuring national security and public order.

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The Entrepreneurs' Code

The Government has introduced a key piece of legislation that provides a supportive framework for investors doing business in Kazakhstan.

The Entrepreneurs' Code

The goal of state support of investments is to create a favourable investment climate for economic development and expand investment in the creation of new opportunities, expand and update existing production facilities using modern technologies, improve the skills of Kazakhstani personnel, and protect the environment.

The state support of investments is carried out through the authorized body on investments, a "one-stop shop" for investors who benefit from investment preferences.

The Entrepreneurship Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan defines the terms and conditions of provision, guarantees and other conditions.