Informational systems of the Holding

1. Managerial accounting system

Managerial accounting system (MAS) of the Holding is a reporting system between subsidiaries and the Holding, created for further processing of information for managerial decision-making on various levels of management structure of the Holding.
Purpose of the System is to assist Holding’s management in making measured and rational management decisions by way of:   

  • monitoring the objective performance and efficiency of subsidiaries;
  • carrying out automatic consolidation of data of the subsidiaries and receiving consolidated financial reports and consolidated budget of the subsidiaries.


2. Treasury operations management system.

Treasury operations management system – is an automated system intended to process and analyze information on financial flows, cash flow (treasury function) and risk management. 
Purpose of the System is to assist the Holding in development of forms and structure of analytical reports, selection of key parameters for liquidity analysis, risk analysis, development of data integration methods about financial flows. 

3. Digital Baiterek

Digital Baiterek is a unified digital platform of “Baiterek” Holding services providing aimed at comprehensive and customer-oriented business support. 

Digital Baiterek opens up the following opportunities: 
• Creation of a favorable information environment for the customers of “Baiterek” Holding; 
• Performance increasing by eliminating paper mediums and communications transformation to digital form; 
• package services providing. 

The entire range of services provided by “Baiterek” Holding and its subsidiaries is available through the scope of services of Digital Baiterek. 

4. «1C Accounting», 1С «Salaries and personnel management»

Personnel of the Holding are operating in «1С Accounting 8» and 1С «Salaries and personnel management», implemented on the basis of «1С: Company» software and is intended for automation of accounting and taxation in accordance with the current legislation, as well as for the preparation of forms of mandatory (regulated) reporting.

5. Information system for the exchange of electronic documents of the EDFS of the Holding, its subsidiaries and the unified electronic document flow system

Information system for the exchange of electronic documents of the EDFS of the Holding, its subsidiaries and unified electronic document flow system. Purpose of this System is an uninterrupted exchange of electronic documents between the Holding, the unified electronic document flow system and subsidiaries, which significantly reduces waiting time for receiving various documents, letters and increases performance due to digitized form.

6. Collective work system

Collective work system – is a provision of access to personnel to various information from internal and external networks in order to organize production activities in accordance with the existing level of rights;

  • Collective work of the employees in constant and temporary groups;
  • Creation of corporate communities based on interests and objectives;
  • Data management and storage (gathering, search, systematization);
  • Provision of safe, personalized access to data (from the workplace, remotely and through mobile devices)