What does Baiterek Holding do?

Baiterek National Managing Holding JSC is a key governmental institution that meets the advanced corporate governance standards and ensures the sustainable development of the economy of Kazakhstan by diversifying it, introducing innovation, developing exports, and increasing labor productivity.

Key tasks:

• To develop non-resource sectors of the economy;

• To develop entrepreneurship (private sector of the economy);

• To support urbanization in the economy;

• To boost the export of non-primary products;

• To introduce innovations.

Strategic activities:

• Providing support for large businesses;

• Providing support for small and medium-sized businesses;

• Improving the housing affordability;

• Increasing export potential;

• Technology transfer and introduction of innovations.


The following subsidiaries have been operating within the Holding since June 2021:

Development Bank of Kazakhstan, KazakhExport Export Insurance Company, Kazyna Capital Management, and Kazakhstan Investment Fund provide the following support to large enterprises: debt and equity financing, insuring export operations, lease financing, and providing support for non-commodity exporters.

Damu Entrepreneurship Development Fund supports small and medium-sized businesses in three ways: subsidizing the interest rate, guaranteeing loans, and placement of funds in second-tier banks.

“Otbasy Bank” Housing Construction Savings Bank and Kazakhstan Housing Company are focused on improving housing affordability by developing financing, mortgages, subsidies, and rental housing.

Agrarian Credit Corporation contributes to the sustainable development of the agro-industrial complex. KazAgroFinance supplies enterprises of the agro-industrial complex with technical equipment and provides high-quality and competitive leasing services. Fund for Financial Support of Agriculture finances small businesses intending to develop priority areas of the agro-industrial complex and increase the level of employment.

Since June 2021, Kazakhstan Project Preparation Fund (provides consulting support for project realization, including those implemented through the public-private partnership) and QazTech Ventures (contributes to the development of technological entrepreneurship through venture financing, business incubation, and technological consulting) were transferred under the management of Kazyna Capital Management as separate companies.

Baiterek Holding is planning to reduce the number of portfolio companies to 7 and decrease the number of employees.

What government programs does the Holding implement?

Baiterek Holding implements the following state and government programs:

Comprehensive Privatization Plan for 2021-2025

State Program of Industrial and Innovative Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2020-2025

Business Roadmap-2025 State Business Support and Development Program

Leaders of Competitiveness – National Champions 2.0

Enbek State Program for the Development of Productive Employment and Mass Entrepreneurship for 2017-2021

The Economy of Simple Things

Nurly Zher State Housing Program for 2020-2025

National Export Strategy of the Republic of Kazakhstan

How does the Holding support large businesses?

The Holding’s subsidiaries – Development Bank of Kazakhstan, “KazakhExport” Export Insurance Company, and Kazyna Capital Management and Investment Fund of Kazakhstan provide the following support to large enterprises: debt and equity financing, insuring export operations, lease financing, and providing support to non-resource exporters.

How does the Holding support small and medium-sized businesses?

Damu Entrepreneurship Development Fund supports small and medium-sized businesses in three ways: subsidizing the interest rate, guaranteeing loans, and placement of funds in second-tier banks.

What is required to participate in grant financing?

You are required to pass free training sessions to participate in grant financing.

If your business idea is new and original, you will be provided with an opportunity to participate in Grants and win up to 3,000,000 KZT on a competitive basis.

The procedure for submitting bidding documentation, the venue for bids submission and the time for participation in the bidding should be clarified with the organizers of the bidding: Administration of Entrepreneurship and Industrial-Innovative Development.

“Small businesses, including young start-up entrepreneurs, beginning entrepreneurs, as well as women, people with disabilities and people above 50, shall use grant funds for the following purposes:

1) acquisition of fixed assets and materials;

2) acquisition of intangible assets;

3) acquisition of technology;

4) acquisition of franchise rights;

5) expenses associated with research and introduction of new technologies.

Grant funds cannot be used to purchase real estate, land and as a rental fee.

The procedures for state grants provision are guided by the State Grants Delivery Regulations within the Program approved by the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan”.

What types of training are available in the Holding for entrepreneurs?

You can take a free entrepreneurship training session fr om the comfort of your home using the Internet!

The “Remote Support for Entrepreneurship Development” training program is aimed at increasing the level of knowledge in entrepreneurs and the public with an entrepreneurial initiative.

You are encouraged to take advantage of the unique opportunity to replenish and improve your knowledge free of charge at any place with Internet access, and at any time.

Upon clicking on the link edu.damu.kz and getting registered on the website, everyone can choose a suitable training course for themselves.

During the training course, a teacher is assigned to the student, who checks and evaluates the student’s completed assignments.

The course covers topical issues on starting a business. Complete the course and receive an e-certificate!

Wh ere can I find a business plan?

Free development of business plans for entrepreneurs participating in the state. the programs are carried out by specialists of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs on the basis of the CSP Damu Entrepreneurship Development Fund JSC .

Also, ready-made samples of business plans you can look at the page site of the Damu Fund or website Business Territory .

How does the Holding help exporters?

Поддержкой экспортной деятельности занимаются три дочерних организаций Холдинга – АО «Экспортная страховая компания «KazakhExport»АО «Банк развития Казахстана» и АО «Фонд развития предпринимательства «Даму».

Подробнее в разделе «Поддержка экспортеров».

What is Digital Baiterek and how to use it?

The goal for creating the information system of “Digital Baiterek” Single Entrepreneurship Support Portal is to provide a single information platform for “Baiterek” National Managing Holding JSC, its subsidiaries, Kazakhstani and foreign investors and entrepreneurs. At the moment, there are 42 automated and information services available.

“Digital Baiterek” Single Entrepreneurship Support Portal provides opportunities for those applying to the Holding in:

  • Obtaining comprehensive information and advice in regard to all possible customer support tools;
  • Operational processing of complaints due to the rejection of paper media and the transfer of communications to a digital form with the ability to track the processing status;
  • Information support and the ability to choose package services in accordance with the identified client’s requirements;
  • Full accessibility of services regardless of the client’s location;
  • The possibility of a single and simultaneous comprehensive review of client’s inquiries by all structures and subsidiaries of “Baiterek” National Managing Holding JSC, if necessary.

In addition, one you can submit a CV for employment opportunities in the Holding through Digital Baiterek, as well as apply for sponsorship or charity support.

It is required to get registered and create a Personal Account using a minimal data set in order to use the Digital Baiterek system.

Link to the web-portal: https://digital.baiterek.gov.kz/.

How can one purchase housing through Baiterek Holding?

Under “Nurly Zher” State Program, the subsidiaries of Baiterek Holding – the "Housing Construction Savings Bank Otbasy Bank" JSC (Otbasy Bank JSC), "Kazakhstan Housing Company" JSC  (until January 2021, IO Kazakhstan Mortgage Company ) are focused on increasing the financial affordability of housing through the development of financing, mortgage lending, subsidies and rental housing. Learn more about the conditions for purchasing housing through the above-mentioned subsidiaries of the Holding in the following questions.

What are the conditions for purchasing housing through "Housing Construction Savings Bank Otbasy Bank" JSC?

What are the conditions for acquiring housing through "Kazakhstan Housing Company" JSC?

The types of mortgage loans in JSC "Kazakhstan Housing Company" can be found in the section Affordable housing - Mortgage loans and housing loans.

Does the Holding have programs for financing start-up projects?

Since December 2019, QazTech Ventures (a subsidiary of Kazyna Capital Management) has signed agreements on participation in two foreign venture capital funds – Quest Ventures Asia Fund II (Singapore) and V Global Fund 500 Startups (USA). Under these agreements, the Funds will invest in Kazakhstani start-up projects. Both of these funds are currently considering Kazakhstani projects for investment. Lists and presentations of Kazakhstani start-up projects are regularly sent to the funds. Since the beginning of 2020, 84 Kazakhstani start-up projects have been sent for consideration by the investment commissions of both funds.

What startup projects are the top priorities for venture capital funds?

The most promising are IT projects. Due to the current situation with COVID-19, the economic market is undergoing transformation and, as we can see, the prospects remain only in the IT sphere and related industries, such as online education, medicine, games, online commerce, etc. Also, Kazakhstani startups should pay attention to the introduction of new technologies in agriculture.

What programs are available for the development of start-up projects?

As part of agreements with Quest Ventures, QazTech Ventures JSC is launching the Kazakhstan Digital Accelerator (KDA), the first world-class startup accelerator in the region, with a representative office in Nur-Sultan. The goal of this program is to increase the competitiveness and capitalization of technology companies that will be able to break into the markets of Southeast Asia in the future. The program is designed for three years and will run from 2020 to 2022.

This program will contribute to the development and promotion of start-up projects and the digital ecosystem in Kazakhstan. Thanks to the acceleration program, start-up projects will be able to gain knowledge from leading international experts and test the product in real conditions. The team of the Singapore Quest Ventures Foundation together with QazTech Ventures JSC will participate in the selection of start-up projects, in their preparation for entering the market, provide the best mentors and professionals with many years of experience, conduct workshops, consultations, individual meetings and help to establish networking in the whole.

The Kazakhstan Digital Accelerator program will be launched in August 2020. Within it, 5 streams will be launched. Each stream will be trained in a program lasting up to six months. The selection of projects will be directly handled by the Quest Ventures team together with QazTech Ventures JSC. I would also like to note that within the framework of this program, start-up projects will have the opportunity to present their projects to investors in Southeast Asia. If the project turns out to be promising, it can be financed within the framework of the activities of Quest Ventures Asia Fund II.

What assistance is provided in terms of the technological development of enterprises?

To assist in the technological development of enterprises, QazTech Ventures JSC, being a national institute in the field of technological development, implements a strategic direction for expert and technological support in the search, selection and implementation of innovations, technological development and digital transformation of enterprises through the provision of services for technological consulting.

The range of services within the framework of service and technological consulting includes:

  • Carrying out technological expertise for the technological and technical feasibility of the project;
  • Independent assessment of technical maturity and procurement of investment projects;
  • Financial and technical control of investment projects;
  • Technological tours;
  • Technological audit.

What tasks are solved by service and technological consulting services?

Service and technological consulting services can assist in solving your following tasks:

  • Your project is applying for funding in a domestic / international financial institution and you need an independent assessment / expertise of your project;
  • There is a need to optimize operations and / or digital transformation of your company;
  • You need to confirm your main activity and / or availability of production facilities and many others.
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