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«Kazyna Capital Management » (KCM)

Manages a series of PE funds aimed at facilitating the sustainable development of the national economy. The funds are populated by national and international investors.


Strategic Directions:

1. Business support, export capacity increase in the segment of large and medium-sized businesses through private equity tools.

2. Development of private equity infrastructure in Kazakhstan.

3. Improvement of Kazyna Capital Management JSC’s performance.

Aureos Central Asia Fund (The Abraaj Group)

Size: 37,000,000 $

KCM Share:14.2%

Target industry: Processing industry; Food and beverage production; IT; Telecommunication; Pharmaceuticals; Non-oil sectors

Investment geography: Kazakhstan (at least 50% of Fund's capitalization), Central Asia, Caucasus.

Investors: KCM, IFC, CDC Group, FMO, EBRD, DBJ

Falah Growth Fund (Al Falah Capital Partners)

Size: $500,000,000

KCM Share: 10.0%

Target industry: Mining; Energy; Infrastructure; Agriculture; Real Estate

Investment geography: Kazakhstan (exclusively), CIS countries

Investors: KCM, IPIC, Ordabassy Corporation

Wolfensohn Capital Partners (JDW Partners, L.P.)

Size: $250,000,000

KCM Share: 9.9%

Target industry: Alternative energy; Financial sectors and insurance; Retail trading

Investment geography: BRIC, Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Korea, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Turkey and Vietnam and other developing countries.

Investors: KCM and others

ADM Kazakhstan Capital Restructuring Fund (ADM Capital)

Size: $100,000,000

KCM Share: 49.5%

Target industry: SMEs involved in non-oil economy sectors

Investment geography: Kazakhstan

Investors: KCM, EBRD

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Investment Fund of Kazakhstan

Mission of the Fund - facilitating the stable development of the country through recovery of distressed projects

Vision of the Fund's development - professional campaign, aimed at return of debt and recovery of projects

The goal of the Fund's activity is to return earlier invested funds and assist in recovery of enterprises, launch of manufactures as well as improving social and economic conditions in the regions of RoK

The fund focuses on recovery of debt of distressed projects and working with distressed assets