In 2019, the Holding’s Management Board approved the Human Resources Policy. It is a corporate standard that regulates effective human resource management in the Holding and its subsidiaries. The document provides for significant changes in the professional development and certification of personnel, the formation and promotion of the employer's brand, and value management.

Employer brand

In order to increase the involvement of the Holding's employees, ensure internal communication and transparency, the Holding has taken several measures: a Telegram channel has been created for publishing company news (HR News); a channel for publishing vacancies to search for external candidates was created as well. The Holding conducts surveys among its employees to determine their level of satisfaction with the work of internal departments. Such qualities as effective teamwork in projects, mutual respect, and assistance in solving problems are assessed. This indicator is also included in the Eurasian Economic Commission staff card. In 2020, the level of the Holding’s employee engagement was 80%, for 2021 - 75%.

Selection of personnel

The selection of personnel has three levels of priority. Candidates from the President's Youth Personnel Reserve and the Holding’s Personnel Reserve are considered first. Internal candidates (employees of Baiterek Holding, its subsidiaries, and the outsourcing sector) are considered second. External candidates are considered last. This principle of search and selection allows us to regulate the priority of internal selection in order to retain key specialists and motivate them to continue working in the Holding. Information on the search for external candidates is published on the Holding’s website and in the Telegram channel. Applications are accepted by e-mail.

Talent management

In 2019, the Holding selected talented employees for the Holding’s Personnel Reserve. The tasks were: a quick search for candidates for key vacancies, quick adaptation to a new position and maintaining continuity, and motivation of key specialists. Reservists were selected from among the Holding’s employees in three nominations: “Top-100” (future heads of structural divisions), “Top-50” (future managing directors and members of the Management Board) and “Top 20” (top managers ready for appointment). At the end of 2019, 112 people were enrolled in the Personnel Reserve.

Training and professional development

Employees are trained in order for them to update and obtain additional theoretical and practical knowledge, skills, abilities, and competencies in professional and managerial activities. It’s necessary for the effective fulfillment of their duties and tasks, determined by the Holding’s development strategy. The training is carried out based on the following principles:

  • the topic and content of training events must meet the needs determined by the employee's duties, the results of his/her activities, the goals, and objectives set for him/her;
  • studying the best corporate practices and standards should help solve specific problems and increase the Holding’s efficiency;
  • the training should be systemic, practicable, and effective;
  • maximum possible number of employees should undergo training and professional development programs.

Employee remuneration and performance management

Since the beginning of 2018, employees of "Baiterek" NMH" JSC have switched to a fundamentally new system for evaluating performance based on ECE performance (once a quarter), which allows you to “cascade” ECE management at the level of the structural unit and individual employee, have enough criteria to determine a clear the level of achievement of the goal at the threshold-goal-challenge level and evaluate the real effectiveness of each employee. In addition, once a year, employees of "Baiterek" NMH" JSC pass a comprehensive performance assessment, which examines the overall performance of the employee over the past year and the level of development of his personal and business competencies. The results are distributed according to the so-called "9-cell talent matrix".

According to the results of the assessment, no bonus is paid, but the results of the evaluation influence decisions on further motivation and stimulation of the employee (training, promotion, admission to the personnel reserve, etc). In accordance with the updated Development Strategy of "Baiterek" NMH" JSC for 2014-2023, from 2017, a system of grading and unification of the wage system has been introduced in the group of companies of "Baiterek" NMH" JSC. The introduction of common principles allows ensuring the internal justice of the wage system and comparing it with the current situation on the labor market.

Safety and labor protection

As a responsible employer, the Holding and its subsidiaries strive to ensure the proper organization of work of workers in the workplace and create safe working conditions that meet the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in this area. In the performance of their official duties, as well as while in the premises of the Holding, employees comply with safety regulations adopted and developed by the Holding in accordance with the Holding's policies and on the basis of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Every year, the Holding Group conducts training activities on labor protection and safety - seminars, business breakfasts, and exercises on evacuation from the Holding's building in emergency situations.

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