In 2022, by the decision of the Board of Baiterek NMH JSC, the Unified HR Policy of the Holding was approved - a corporate standard that regulates the issues of effective human resource management not only in the Headquarters of the Holding, but also in subsidiaries. The document provides for significant changes in the processes of personnel management in such areas as strategic HR - planning, organizational development and design of positions, selection and adaptation of personnel, personnel marketing and employer brand, performance management, personnel remuneration, training and development of personnel, personnel reserve and management talents, development and maintenance of corporate culture, administration of HR processes.

Strategic HR planning

Strategic HR planning is based on corporate strategy, external and internal trends. Within the framework of this direction, personnel planning solves the short-term and long-term needs of the Holding in personnel, their qualifications and the required number of employees.

Organizational development and job design

This direction involves a timely analysis of changes in business processes, new positions arising from various external and internal changes. As part of these changes, there are job descriptions for all positions, a manageability standard has been established and observed, and a position grade has been determined. On an ongoing basis, prospective staffing needs are being studied and business processes are being studied for automation.

Recruitment and adaptation of personnel

JSC "NMH "Baiterek" applies the principle of search and selection of personnel on a 3-stage basis: first of all, candidates from the Presidential Youth Personnel Reserve and the Unified Personnel Reserve of the Group of JSC" NMH "Baiterek" are considered, secondly - internal candidates (employees of "Baiterek", subsidiaries and the outsourcing sector), in the third - external candidates. This principle of search and selection makes it possible to regulate the priority of internal selection in order to retain key specialists and motivate them to work continuously in the Holding Group. Information on the search for external candidates is mandatory published on the website of Baiterek NMH JSC, in the Telegram channel with a notification sent to subscribers, and applications are accepted via e-mail.

Staff adaptation takes place using modern gamification tools.

HR Marketing and Employer Branding

In order to promote the HR brand of Baiterek NMH JSC and increase the involvement of the Holding’s employees, ensure internal communication and transparency, the Holding has taken a set of relevant measures: a Telegram channel has been opened for publishing company news (HR News) and a channel for publishing vacancies to search for external candidates . On a quarterly basis, employees of Baiterek NMH JSC participate in a survey to assess satisfaction with the work of internal departments, where such qualities as effective teamwork in projects, mutual respect and assistance in solving problems are evaluated. This indicator is included in the employee efficiency map.

Performance Management

Performance management is determined by the presence of an implemented performance evaluation system for each employee. At the same time, performance indicators clearly cascade from top management to ordinary employees. The Holding automated the process of planning, actual execution and evaluation of personnel based on KPI maps for both administrative and executive employees.

Since 2022, a comprehensive performance assessment system based on a 20-cell model has been introduced.

All personnel decisions are made on the basis of performance evaluation.

Staff remuneration

Since 2017, the Holding and its subsidiaries have implemented a grading system based on the Korn Ferry methodology, which equally ensures the principle of internal fairness in pay, as well as external competitiveness. As a result, a transparent compensation policy is used throughout the Holding. The motivation system includes financial (salary increases, bonuses) and non-financial components

Talent pool and talent management

As of June 30, 2023, the Unified Personnel Reserve includes 109 employees of the Holding and subsidiaries. For the period from 2022 and 1st half of 2023:

12 reservists of the Unified Personnel Reserve of the Baiterek NMH JSC Group received appointments to higher positions.

3 reservists of the Unified Personnel Reserve of the Baiterek NMH JSC Group completed their training in the leading Russian Federation and the world under the MBA, EMBA programs.

3 reservists received professional international certificates (CIMA and CFE). 

Personnel training and development

Training and professional development of employees is carried out in order to update and obtain additional theoretical and practical knowledge, skills, abilities, competencies and skills in the field of professional and managerial activities of employees for the effective performance of their duties and the solution of tasks determined in accordance with the development strategy of the Holding. Organization of training and professional development of the employees of the Holding is carried out on the basis of the following principles:

  • compliance of the topic and content of training events with the needs determined in accordance with the official duties of the employee, the results of the assessment of his activities, the goals and objectives set for the employee;

  • the focus of training activities on solving specific problems that increase the efficiency of the Holding, the study of the best corporate practices and standards;

  • systemic, applied, planned nature of training and professional development;

  • coverage of the maximum possible number of employees of the Holding with training and professional development programs.

At the end of 2022, 96 employees of the Holding were trained:

50% of them are men, 50% are women.

In 2022, 6 employees received international certifications (PECB Certified ISO31000 Lead Risk Manager, CIMA (Rus), Cobit Foundation Certificate, Internal Audit Practitioner, Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE)) + 3 employees received certification of corporate secretaries of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Employees completed 43 training events:

13 of which were held online, 30 events were offline.

Development and maintenance of corporate culture

The Holding pays close attention to the development and maintenance of corporate culture, organizing events for employees in order to strengthen corporate values.

In 2022, more than 20 events were organized, such as: the Baiterek Open Hearts charity fair, Donor Day, Take the Child to School, Vitamin Day for workers, awards on the National Currency Day, Republic Day and Independence Day. As well as sports competitions in chess and table tennis.

Administration of HR processes

Administration of HR - processes in the Holding is carried out in full compliance with the labor legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Personnel records management is automated by 90% and is carried out with the help of 1C: ZUP and Simbase, as a result of which human errors are excluded, and the efficiency of providing services to the Holding's employees is increased. (trainings, promotions, participation in the talent management program). At the same time, non-material incentives are used: competitions, competitions, and awards for the best employees are held annually among employees.

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